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3ID | Online Registration for Candidate Soldiers (CS)

Calling all aspiring soldiers online registration will start on November 16 – 18, 2021
Click the link below to register:
Minimum Requirements
A. A citizen of the Republic of the Philippines;
B. Has completed 12 years of Basic Education under K to 12 or has at least 72 units of a College course from an educational institution rec recognized by the government;
C. Not less than 18 years but not more than 26 years of age upon appointment as Candidate Soldier (CS);
D. At least 5’0’’ of 60 inches in height;
E. Single and without child;
F. Passed the AFPSAT (Minimum for Enlistment);
G. Must pass the pre-qualifying PFT and PME;
H. Physically and mentally fit for military training, and
I. Of good moral character
Required Documents
A. Whole body picture (size: 3R)
B. Accomplished Applicant /Resume with 2×2 ID picture
C. Birth Certificate (PSA Copy) with OR
D. Marriage Contact of Parents (PSA Copy) with OR
E. High School Diploma with dry seal (Original Copy)
F. Transcript of Records with dry seal (Original)
G. Vocational Course/College Diploma with dry seal (Original Copy)
H. AFPSAT Result with dry seal (if possible, attach code number)
I. Clearances (Barangay, Police, Mayor, NBI, RTC)
J. Certificate of Legal Beneficiaries (Notarized)
K. Affidavit of Being Single (Notarized)
L. BIR tax Identification Number (TIN)
M. PhilHealth Membership/Identification Card
N. CENOMAR (NSO Certified) with OR, must be current and within 3 months before validation period.
O. PAG-IBIG Member ID Number

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