Vice-Mayor Walter B. Marquez’s victory in May13, 2019 is a manifestation of high expectation of his constituents that through him, he could sustain the good governance revealed and practiced by Governor Eduardo B. Gadiano in his various capacities as civil servant in Municipality of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. As a good functionary, VM Bong followed the political mantra of his former appointing officer. He deeply immersed with the community, in heart and in spirit, in mission and in inspiration.

The people responded in unison and rightly so, they vested them authority through their sacred fiat manifested by their remarkable votes. He is aimed at transforming his Office full of responsibility and character with him at the helm as presiding officer and chief local legislator.

VM Bong’s maiden legislation is the Ordinance disallowing “recess in session” provision in the council’s former legislation. To his mind, this aspires for quality and fairness in treating all employees. He then put in right order every single committee aimed at scrutinizing well each resolution and ordinance anchored on the true desire of his constituents,- the community and Mother Earth.

Among other legislations, VM Bong authored statutes relevant to putting into flesh the Social Contract of the incumbent Mayor Andres D. Dangeros for the Sablayeño. This was strengthened even more by the creation of Legislative- Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) lately.

In his solid stand and steadfast principle on the current crisis created by Rice Liberalization Law, he issued a press release which was trumpeted lately in major dailies including social media. That statement created a national impact.  In his term as Sangguniang Bayan, he was vested the honor of being Outstanding Local Legislators twice (2018 at 2019).

He believes that there are no substitutes for constant collective consultation because for him, lawmaking must serve best the interest of the constituents. To VM Bong, the people are his co-author in legislation and partners in building communities to achieve their common vision of making BAWAT BARANGAY MATIBAY.

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