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Vice-Mayor Walter B. Marquez’s victory in May13, 2019 is a manifestation of high expectation of his constituents that through him, he could sustain the good governance revealed and practiced by Governor Eduardo B. Gadiano in his various capacities as civil servant in Municipality of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. As a good functionary, VM Bong followed the political mantra of his former appointing officer. He deeply immersed with the community, in heart and in spirit, in mission and in inspiration.

The people responded in unison and rightly so, they vested them authority through their sacred fiat manifested by their remarkable votes. He is aimed at transforming his Office full of responsibility and character with him at the helm as presiding officer and chief local legislator.

VM Bong’s maiden legislation is the Ordinance disallowing “recess in session” provision in the council’s former legislation. To his mind, this aspires for quality and fairness in treating all employees. He then put in right order every single committee aimed at scrutinizing well each resolution and ordinance anchored on the true desire of his constituents,- the community and Mother Earth.

Among other legislations, VM Bong authored statutes relevant to putting into flesh the Social Contract of the incumbent Mayor Andres D. Dangeros for the Sablayeño. This was strengthened even more by the creation of Legislative- Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) lately.

In his solid stand and steadfast principle on the current crisis created by Rice Liberalization Law, he issued a press release which was trumpeted lately in major dailies including social media. That statement created a national impact.  In his term as Sangguniang Bayan, he was vested the honor of being Outstanding Local Legislators twice (2018 at 2019).

He believes that there are no substitutes for constant collective consultation because for him, lawmaking must serve best the interest of the constituents. To VM Bong, the people are his co-author in legislation and partners in building communities to achieve their common vision of making BAWAT BARANGAY MATIBAY.


2010-2019; 1995-1998; 1989-1992

 Hon. Andres D. Dangeros, a man known for his humble speeches, and down – to – earth attitude was born to a poor but loving family of twelve siblings. He is the 8th child of Diomedes Dapula Dangeros and Irene Onda Dawates of Buenavista,  Sablayan. His public office career started when he was hired as tax collection clerk in 1978-1987. Because of his zealous dedication to work, he was urged by the people to run for Vice-Mayor in 1988; won and served until 1990. He was elected to become the 18th municipal mayor in 1998.  After a lull, he returned to head the legislature in 2010 and served three consecutive terms until 2019.

In a span of nine (9) long years, he was part of the legislative body that passed 318 Ordinances, and 1,258 Resolutions. Among his legacies in the legislature are the following: The best practices namely: 1)SabSIS or Sablayan Sanggunian Information System – a database of all the legisl ations; a quick-search operation where a detail is 3-clicks away to a pdf copy. 2) The SabFIS or Sablayan Franchising Information System where issuance of franchises became a lot handy and efficient. These two landmark projects became fully operational in 2013. Another laudable accomplishment of the legislative body during his term is the “Paperless Session” which was launched in 2009.  In 2017 a back-to-back program was again initiated namely: SabRIS or Sablayan Records Information System and SabMIS or Sablayan Multimedia Information System which form part of the present e-library. These feats, were accomplished on top of the ordinances, resolutions, programs and projects undertaken during his stint.

Primordial to this humble man-of-action is his public service. Family only comes second to him. He is happily married to the doting Generosa Hallorina Niedo of San Marcelino Zambales, who worked as supervisor of National Food Authority for MAPSA Area. They are blessed with eight (8) intelligent, hard-working and kind-hearted children who are now part of the able-bodied workforce inside and outside the LGU.



Eduardo B. Gadiano finished his 3 full terms as Vice-Mayor of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro before he became Mayor now Provincial Governor. Born in April 1, 1963 to Ilocano parents Prudencio Lapitan Gadiano and Corazon Lopez Baltazar, respectively from Ilocos and Nueva Ecija. He studied Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Manila.

He is a loving father to three grown-up children namely Karlo, Doris and Princess. He is thankfully married for decades to Susan Infante Gadiano. Before he became the most multi-awarded local chief executive in the province from the ladder, he was a full-time farmer. Then, he worked at the Operation’s Division of City Youth Welfare Council in Quezon City in the 90s.  

He first triumphed atop the political ring as Barangay Captain of Brgy. Pag-asa from 1994-1998.  A member of Sangguniang Bayan  of Sablayan from 1998-2001. As stated above, he was elected Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Sablayan from 2001-2010. He served as president of the Vice Mayors’ League of the Philippines-Occidental Mindoro Chapter. He served as Mayor from 2010 to 2019 completing his 3 terms as Local Chief Executive of Sablayan.

Gadiano’s prominent legislations as Vice-Mayor and as Presiding Officer of the Sangguniang Bayan are the following: the 25-year Moratorium on Large Scale Mining in the Municipality of Sablayan; the Water Spring Development System at Sitio Culasisi, Barangay Batong-Buhay; Codification of General Ordinances and the Environmental Code; Codification of Special Ordinances/Children Code; Revenue Code and the codes on Tricycle and Port.

He is now fulfilling his battle cry and promise as governor that, “Kung kaya sa Sablayan, kaya sa buong lalawigan.”


1998-2001, 1992-1995

“Like father, like son.” This saying truly magnifies what Felipe B. Urieta became later in his life. 

Born July 7, 1949, he is the 5th  child of Mayor Loreto Villiones Urieta and Presentacion Costa Bundang. Felipe, later known as Vice-Mayor “Philip” B. Urieta, served twice as town’s second-ranking elected official from 1992 to 1995 and in 1998 to 2001. He also served as Sangguniang Bayan from 2013 to 2016 and 2016 to 2019.

He finished his elementary education in Sablayan Central School in 1962 and graduated in Secondary level at Colegio de San Sebastian in year 1996. He took Bachelor of Science in Criminology at University of Manila. He was employed at the Municipal Government of Sablayan in 1969 until 1972 and later became prison guard at Sablayan Prison and Penal Farm (SPPF) from 1974-1989. He then became Vice-Mayor in 1992 until 1995. During his term, he created and approved Ordinances and Resolutions addressing the welfare of the general public such as the realignment of budget appropriated for different programs and projects of Local Government Unit, the amendments on the Municipal Tax Code and the creation of the Traffic Regulations in the town resulting of having a Land Transportation Office here in the Municipality.

A nature and livelihood advocate, he crafted an ordinance ensuring the proper waste management and protection of the aquatic resources, marine ecosystem entitled “An Ordinance establishing the Sablayan Marine Sanctuary Code” , “Regulation of Fishing or Fisheries in Sablayan” and “Enacting the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management”, to name a few. Promoting the well-being of the people especially the marginal sectors of the community he then prompted legislation enacting the Botika ng Bayan and Burial Aid for bona fide members of Veterans and Senior Citizens of this municipality. VM Philip believes that putting goods and services for the people would ease their burden in facing the challenges of life.

During his term as Vice Mayor and a Sangguniang Bayan, he was able to pass 235 Ordinances and 573 Resolutions. These legislations ensure the full realization of the mandates as second-ranking elected official and a humble public servant. Vice-Mayor Felipe Urieta is man with Palabra de Honor and take everything whatever it cost for the good of his hometown and people. Accordingly for him, a good leader must be big-hearted. He always tells his son Kristofferson, “We should inspire others to dream, learn and do more for a better welfare of our fellowmen.”

Kristofferson or Bong, like his father, already now a councilman belonging to the fourth generation of public servants from the Urietas of Sablayan. Like father, like son, indeed.



From a seasoned educator he became Sablayan’s Vice-Mayor for a while.

Romeo O. Dawates taught for more than 3 decades at Ligaya Elementary School and that was from 1953 to 1985. Vice-Mayor Dawates, son of Nicolas and Severa (nee Onda) Dawates, was born 5th of September, 1925. Vice-Mayor Dawates took up elementary education at Sablayan Central School and later went to San Jose and enrolled at Southern Mindoro Academy or SMA, the pre-cursor of now Divine Word College of San Jose (DWCSJ). He finished his college education at Arellano University in Manila.

Before being appointed Vice-Mayor in 1998, he served as Barangay Captain of Ligaya for a year from 1987 to 1988. Then he was elected Municipal Councilor and garnered the highest number of votes among the candidates for the August Body that time. The educator who became a politician was a former guerilla fighter who gallantly fought against the Japanese forces here in Occidental Mindoro. He was a recipient of the Dangal ng Sablayan Award bestowed by the Municipal Government some years back. He is father to the incumbent Punong Barangay Ruel “Bata” S. Dawates and paternal grandparent of present Sanggnuniang Bayan Ruzhel Jaebee Ani-Dawates.

In 1998, when incumbent Vice-Mayor Andres D. Dangeros filed his candidacy as Mayor, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) confirmed Dawates as Vice-Mayor to fill-up the gap. Also appointed Mayor alongside Vice-Mayor Dawates is Dra. Susana M. Diaz, the Number One councilor that time. Diaz and Dawates served as Mayor and Vice-Mayor, respectively, for just 3 months. Dra. Diaz, on the other hand, replaced and served the remaining tenure of Office of Mayor Godofredo B. Mintu who then resigned due to his candidacy for the Vice-Gubernatorial position that year.  As a Sangguniang Bayan, Hon. Romeo Dawates passed numerous important legislations which are now considered benchmarks and cornerstones that gave meaning to what is Sablayan today. Vice-Mayor Dawates is highly regarded as one of the most intelligent Presiding Officers this Council ever had. He is known for his dedication and big heart always willing to help those who are in need.

Indeed, to quote Henry Adams, “A teacher affects eternity; we never tell where his influence stops.”  And that is Vice-Mayor Romeo O. Dawates for us.



Nicolas Dangeros – Alfaro also known as “Nick Alfaro” was born on November 14, 1952 in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. He is the fifth (5th) son of nine children of Laudelino Poblete Alfaro and Josefina Dapula Dangeros


He finished his elementary education at Sablayan Central School, and high school at San Sebastian School (Now Colegio de San Sebastian) in Sablayan, Occ. Mindoro. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Accounting at the Philippine School of Business Administration in March, 1977.


After his graduation (1973), he was employed in Makati Land Oil Resources Corporation as Book Keeper and Collection Department Head. He worked abroad from 1977-1981 as Cash Management Officer in Philsin Ports in United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; 1981–1984 as Finance and Administrative Officer of International Ports Management Corporation in Jeddah Islamic Port and in 1984-1986 became Account Comptroller Officer in Saraya Trading Corporation of Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


He is married to Maria Bella Donato with whom he raised two children, Kristine Mary and Ma. Karina, both US citizens.

On his return to to the Philippines on 1986 after the Edsa Revolution, he engaged in Palay/Corn Trading and Warehousing in his hometown, Sablayan.

On November 7, 1987 at the age of thirty five (35), Nicolas decided to apply for the position of Municipal Vice-Mayor of Sablayan, Occ. Mindoro. He was recommended by Mr. Lorenzo Ordenes for the position. Upon submission of pertinent documents and requirements, the Secretary of Local Government issued an order recognizing the application of Nick Alfaro to be the Municipal Vice-Mayor of Sablayan, Occ. Mindoro with his OIC Mayor Milagros Cipriano from Novembeer 9, 1987 to January 18, 1988.



The EDSA Revolt paved the way for the appointment of Manuel Ovidos Garlit, popularly known as “Tiyo Noli”, to be appointed Vice-Mayor of Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. Tiyo Noli was born in on Christmas Day of the year 1932 in San Jose , Occidental Mindoro . He was the third child of Vicente Garlit from Pangasinan and Espectacion Ovidos of Ilo-ilo.

He tied knots in 1958 with Luzviminda Lontoc Urieta, a native of Sablayan. From their marriage, 7 children were brought to life, namely, Nandy, Vic, Noel, Baby, Alberto, Bing and Maris.

Vice-Mayor Noli Garlit  finished his Elementary Grade at Siete Central Elementary School in  San Jose , Occidental Mindoro at the heart of the site of the Philippine Milling Company a subsidiary of the Sugar Central of the Philippines. He took up Secondary Education at Southern Mindoro Academy and took up Pre-law at Siliman University in Dumaguete City. After that, he took up Veterinary Medicine at Central Luzon State University and studied for two years. For a while, he worked for the World Health Organization (WHO) and later served as Municpal Secretary under Mayor Leoncio Ordenes.

He was appointed Vice-Mayor by PDP-Laban Founder Aquilino “Nene” Pimental together with the appointment of Godofredo B. Mintu as Mayor. Garlit later became the Liaison Assistant, Project Development Assistant and Executive Assistant in the Mintu Administration and later during the watch of then Mayor Eduardo B. Gadiano, respectively. Tiyo Noli is an active member of the San Sebastian Parish Pastoral Council and a seasoned Lay Minister who served for years under Fr. Luiz Halasz and Fr. Shaul and all the parish priests after them until he breathed his last on July 7, 2019 at the age of 79.



Hon. Rocky Daño Legaspi was born on July 2, 1937 in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. He married Helen Oriondo- Legaspi and blessed to have six(6) children they named Mary Jane, Eric, Mary Ann, Mary Ellen, Joseph and Mcking. Hon. Legaspi finished his Elementary in Sablayan Central School and his Secondary School in West Mindoro Academy. He belong to the 1960 graduates of Feati University with a Degree in Education Management (DEM) and AB (Liberal Arts). At the age of 26, Hon. Rocky started his journey as public servant which ended when he succumbed to a lingering illness at the age of 79. Bokal Rocky served Occidental Mindoro on the following years in corresponding capacities:

•             1963-1967 and 1971-1975 Sangguniang Bayan of Sablayan

•             1980-1989 – Vice-Mayor of Sablayan

•             1992-2001- Completed his 3 terms as Sangguniang Panlalawigan

•             2001-2004- Sangguniang Bayan

•             2004-2007- Ex-Officio Sangguniang Panlalawigan as PCL Representative

•             2007-2010- Sablayan Sangguniang Bayan

•             2010-2017- Sangguniang Panlalawigan

It is a fact that his character is, as his name suggests, as tough as a rock. Bokal Rocky was a tough man, dependable, fearless, unchanging and a man of firm conviction, as a veteran leader and legislator. He imparted outstanding services and contributions to Occidental Mindoro with the Local Government Code as his main guide. A man with a big heart full of care and compassion for his kababayans. As a co-employee, Hon. Rocky was a good mentor with a genuine heart and smile. Notwithstanding his work and tight schedule, he was able to nourish his wife and kids with inspirational love, protection and wisdom. His influence and contributions will forever remain in the lives of Mindoreños. He peacefully went to the Eternal Beyond in March 18, 2016.



Vice-Mayor Martin S. Pacheco is a local pioneer in working and helping Sablayan’s Alangan Mangyans. He offered his services as Vice-Mayor as an independent candidate in 1967 which he convincingly won. But before that, Martin Pacheco worked as Municipal Secretary for 13 years, from 1951 to 1964 and for two years he sidetracked himself in public service and focused all his time and effort in farming. As fate has it, he was elected Vice-Mayor after that via wide margin of votes against his rival.

In 1971, under the banner of Nacionalista Party (NP) he was again re-elected to the position and won a convincing result together with his formidable running-mate, Mayor Pedro A. Gonzales, Sr. The Gonzalez-Pacheco tandem stayed in authority for 8 years, from 1971 to 1979. Vice-Mayor Pacheco died in 1979 while in office or actively serving his beloved constituents. Vice-Mayor Pacheco wed Luz Dapula Zamora, daughter of former town mayor Primitivo U. Zamora (1934 to 1937) and Faustina Caballes Dapula. Martin and Luz became loving parents to their children namely, Federico, Eduardo, Luisa, Martin, Jr., Mercy and Leonardo. Born in November 11, 1922 here in Sablayan, he is the second child of Francisco Verdera Pacheco of Looc town and Marcelina Bungacag Salgado, also a resident of Sablayan.

During the time when criminality is rampant in this progressing town, he was sent to Manila by national authorities to take up a special course on criminal investigation at the National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM). He applied all of the skills and learning he got from the course in real life situations when he finally came back in his hometown. His expertise on the matter somehow curved cases of violence in the locality. Vice-Mayor Pacheco pioneered the initiation of declaring the Culasisi as Mangyan Reservation Area aimed at protecting the Alangan Mangyan ethnolinguistic groups from land-grabbing lowlanders and to keep their culture and tradition intact. This became his launching pad when he was appointed as liaison officer of the Presidential Assistance on National Minority or the PANAMIN acting for and in behalf of the Municipality’s cultural minorities. 

The Sablayan Mangyan and the lowlanders are both protected from evil intentions of illegal land occupation and criminality during the time of Vice-Mayor Martin S. Pacheco, Sr. 



Vice-Mayor Diosdado O. Gozar was a child of Fernando Gozar and Blandina Ordenes and when he reached the marrying age, he wed Bienvenida Bundang and bore her 5 children: Leonardo, Nelia, Leandro, Renato and Rogelio. When his wife died of illness, he married Lolita Madrigal but no child came in their marriage. Gozar’s siblings are Jose, Soledad, Dolores, Porferio and Encarnacion.

The former town Vice-Mayor finished his elementary education at Sablayan Central School. He was declared as the town’s chief legislator during the time when the incumbent President Diosdado Macapagal lost his opportunity to get a second full term as President of the Philippines to Senate President Ferdinand Marcos.

During his tenure, the control of authority to regulate forest reserves in Sablayan and other municipalities was placed under the Director of Forestry. This is the main concern during his incumbency is the implementation of national laws and regulations on forests and its occupancy.

 Diosdado Gozar was born on November 26, 1914. He passed away in the early 80s due to senility.



Peace and Order was the first and foremost concern of Vice-Mayor Raymundo Gallimbas who was born in his native Sablayan on November 11, 1901. He is the third youngest in 22 siblings and he studied from Garde I to Grade VII in Sablayan at Buenavista. It was in year 1925 when Municipal Secretary (now called Vice-Mayor) Gallimbas marry Saturnina Iñiga and their only child is christened Judith (now Ungria) which is at present already 60 years of age.

He pioneered the following initiatives and related legislations:

1. He facilitated the subdivision and distribution of land areas in municipal barangays;

2. He took the initiative of having access to cheap rice during the heydays of the Rice & Corn Administration (RCA) among his constituents;

3. He traded and forged business relations with investors from other places that serves as open door to trade and economic development of Sablayan

4. Strictly imposed Peace & Order during the early days of Sablayan.



He fought against the Japanese invaders in World War II and greatly considered a local hero adored by the early residents when the occupation was over. His bravery and heroic feats became his ticket in getting the respect of the prominent officials of the civil government and the people rightfully bestowing him the vice-mayoralty post later.

Serving his tenure a decade after the war, Nicolas Delos Trinos, in tandem with then Mayor Loreto V. Urieta, figuratively repaired the ravages of war by crafting pertinent legislations responding to the call of times then. He took decisive stance in guerilla activities that gave way to the liberating US and Allied forces’ landing in Mindoro Island on December 15, 1944 and marked our liberation from enemy occupation during World War II.

The guerilla fighter turned government official exchanged marriage vows with Petra Ordenes, a lovely maiden in the locality. Their union produced 7 children, namely, Filipinas, Wilfredo, Amor, Salvo, Arles, Ligaya and Belen.

Vice-Mayor Nicolas Delos Trinos is best remembered for his exemplary leadership and kindness.




The legacy of Juan Dantayana was his stint in Municipality of Sablayan for more than a decade. He was born August 29, 1902 to parents Santiago Dantayana and Feliciana Arellano Dantayana and blessed with 5 children namely, Celso, Estelito, Bonifacio, Lilia and Juan Jr.

He was elected Vice-Mayor when President Elpidio Quirino won a full term as president.



Andres Q. Dantayana was an educator before he became a politician. Born on November 10, 1902 here in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro to Santiago and certain Tanie Dantayana (nee Quinones), he was the fourth in a brood of five. The former vice-mayor’s other siblings are Memang, Melecio, Guillermo, Juan and Feliza.

That time, there was still no school in Sablayan but he was able to take up his studies at Mamburao Intermediate School on March 29, 1918 and later he served as “emergency teacher” in Ligaya Elementary School. The so-called “emergency teachers” are mentors and educators who had sufficiently gained education by schooling and was tapped by the government to teach during World War-II under the Japanese occupation.

After his stint as an educator, he acted as Barrio Secretary of Buenavista under Teniente del Barrio Pacifico Dañopoc. As an avid Catholic, he was an active member of San Sebastian Parish’s Holy Name Society in the 50s. Being a widower for long, he married Clemente Alvarez whom he bore a son they named Ernesto.  The family lived under one roof together with Ernesto’s step-siblings namely Herminio, Adolfredo and Felicitas.

The major achievement in the career of Andres Dantayana includes Community Guidelines in Politics during the Pre-war. He joined his Creator on October 3, 1975.

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