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Pastor Ted N.C. Wilson, president of the General Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventists Church visits the municipality of Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro where he receives a warm welcome from the Adventists there including officials of the local government unit led by Vice-Mayor Bong B. Marquez, Board Member Edwin N. Mintu, SB Alfredo C. Ventura, Jr., Manuel P. Tadeo, Fernando B. Dalangin. The state visit of the top SDA church official and his party came into fruition on Sabbath, November 13, 2021.
According to VM Bong, the visit becomes a beacon of hope especially today that we are experiencing global health problems, social turmoils, and anxieties that affect humanity in general. He also adds that the SDA of Sablayan has been a partner of the Municipality in many projects and programs aimed at helping the marginalized especially during times of calamities. “They are considered catalysts for change and witnesses from its inception and have been following the example of Christ by championing freedom of conscience, civil works, and partnership with this local government as an integral part of its gospel mission,” wrote VM Bong in a Resolution in appreciation of the recent visit of the revered American pastor.
Earlier, the town’s vice-mayor crafted Special Ordinance No. 2020-SO078 which declares the municipality under the protection of God and establishes a day of prayer. Pastor Wilson is joined by Adventist World Radio president Duane McKey, Mrs. Nancy Wilson, wife of Pastor Ted and Mrs. Kathy McKey, the better half of Duane McKey. Including Dr. Bienvenido Tejano, an Adventist pastor and Philippine’s ambassador to Papua New Guinea, who also has participated in the worship and mass baptism of 341 new members held at Ligaya SDA Church that day as part of the state visit dubbed as “Earth’s Final Countdown” evangelistic series. Pastor Ted says, “If your church has not had an evangelistic series for a while, encourage your church elders and pastors to work with church members to organize one soon!
The visitors are greatly elated knowing that the event’s host, Vice-Mayor Bong Marquez, is one of the devoted Seventh-Day Adventists in the local political scene.

Official Website of Sablayan Legislative Office